The Sunrise Story

Sunrise Technologies focuses purely on sales, implementation, development and support of the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution.  Sunrise Technologies exists to implement great ideas.

John Pence founded Sunrise Technologies in the summer of 1994 after spending several years as CIO of a major apparel manufacturing company.  Sunrise began as a small consulting company implementing Supply Chain solutions and Advanced Add-on Applications for companies in the manufacturing and distribution industries.  Sunrise was recognized as a major player in the supply chain consulting business within the textile and apparel industry, and took pride in employing consultants that were not only professional and experienced, but were also focused on customer satisfaction.   In 2003, Sunrise worked with Microsoft on “Project Green,” a project that would create a suite of enterprise applications that integrated with Microsoft’s desktop and server software.  While working on the project, Sunrise’s key executive team saw the roadmap for Axapta, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that was purchased by Microsoft when they acquired Navision.   Sunrise was impressed with Axapta’s advanced functionality for manufacturing and distribution, and the modern technical architecture. However, it was Axapta’s roadmap, showing the evolution of Axapta, that made Sunrise interested in becoming a Microsoft partner and reseller. Sunrise saw the solution as a key transition from yesterday’s linear, rigid information systems to tomorrow’s object-oriented, adaptive information systems. Renamed “Microsoft Dynamics AX” in 2006, Microsoft has lived up to the vision of Project Green with the most recent release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

By narrowing our focus to one ERP product, Sunrise is able to concentrate our efforts in recruiting and training our consultants, giving them extensive knowledge on the product because it is 100% of their focus. For over 18 years, Sunrise has implemented the great ideas of our customers with a commitment to Microsoft Dynamics AX, customer service, and technical excellence.



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